Apater Capital is the modern iteration of Private Equity.

We combine the insight and contacts of experience, with world leading fourth industrial revolution based innovation to unlock value.

Experienced Execution & Genuine Innovation

Apater Capital is a Private Equity house of innovation industry excellence and comprehensive corporate governance experience based in the UK.

The firm’s Senior Managing Partner, Operational Leadership and Non-Executive Directors are sourced from the UK’s Largest Banks, PLCs, Accountancy Firms, Investment Funds and Government Development Agencies.

Our Flagship Industry Disrupting Innovation or IDI Investment Fund is completely Fourth Industrial Revolution centric. It is underpinned by investments in sector leading innovation companies covering Social Commerce, Financial Services Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Transformative Health Technology Services.

The Apater Toolbox

Leveraging exceptional in house research and a much envied contact network, Apater Capital acquires stakes in promising and innovative British companies (all UK Tier One Investor compliant), before injecting considerable management expertise to customer acquisition, super charging growth and enhancing cash flows.

We regard each company as a “tool” of great value in their own right, however see the creation of a “toolbox” of Fourth Industrial Revolution Tech as a huge competitive advantage. As we combine the capabilities of each firm, we further increase are our ability to induce growth in returns irrespective of market direction.

The What & The How

  • Apater Capital aims to directly impact the valuation multiples of the companies we partner with. We target the enhancement of cashflows by heightening efficiencies and improving customer acquisition.
  • This simple formula is applied using far from simple modelling and Fourth Industrial Revolution tech.
  • Our fund team is differentiated by its insight. As experienced Innovators at their core, they share an ability to identify the KPI that are truly “Key Performance Indicators”.
  • Data driven decisions therefore cut through the noise, allowing for targeted investment in already very promising companies with incredibly talented founders and / or leadership.
  • Unlocking Value.


  • All those in the fund take their Corporate Social Responsibility extremely seriously.
  • Apater Capital aims to be a net creator of High Skilled jobs.
  • With deliberate bias, Managing Partners encourage these roles (whether in the fund itself or in investee companies) to be based in the North of England and Leeds City Region in particular.
  • Apater Capital is very aware of its Carbon Footprint and actively seeks to minimise this via its transport policies and choice of low emitting office premises.
  • We celebrate neural diversity and are passionate supporters of “Ambitious about Autism”. We will only invest in companies and management that adhere to diversity and inclusive policies.


  • “Be a Long Term investor however seek returns within 18 months” Apater Capital are acutely aware of the previous decade’s bull run and favourable monetary policy. Fund is therefore laser focused on unlocking value irrespective of wider market conditions.
  • “Be Available, Stay Present and Remain Current” continually strengthen network in Asia, North America and key UK tech hubs of Leeds, Bristol and London N1C.
  • “Beware Binary Positions” and therefore minimise probability of capital loss.
The UK has seen an explosion of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) over the past 10 years, bringing with it a love for supporting brave entrepreneurs, innovative start-ups and high street boutiques.
Everyone has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
Original and useful leadership guidance is tough to produce at the best of times.
Everyone has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
Original and useful leadership guidance is tough to produce at the best of times.