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A differentiated offering

The Apater Team is differentiated by its insight. As experienced innovators at their core, they share an ability to identify the KPIs that are truly “Key Performance Indicators”.

Data-driven decisions therefore cut through the noise, allowing for the targeted investment of monies where it will result in the largest multiplier effect via improved customer acquisition and automation usage.

Enhancing cash-flows by heightening efficiencies and driving sales is the simple formula applied via the use of far from simple modelling and Fourth Industrial Revolution tech.

All those in the fund take their Corporate Social Responsibility extremely seriously, investing in companies and management that adhere to diversity and inclusive policies. We celebrate neural diversity and are a proud supporter of “Ambitious about Autism”.

Apater Capital aims to be a net creator of High Skilled jobs.

Want to be different?

We back companies that address today’s biggest opportunities and challenges by leveraging Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology to disrupt the status quo.

Corporate Guarantee Investment (CGI)

Apater knows no one likes earning 0% interest on their hard earned funds, but sometimes life throws surprises your way, and in those moments you need more flexibility to access your funds.  To provide Clients the freedom they deserve to enjoy higher returns and access to their funds at anytime, we have developed two capital protected offerings known as our Capital Guaranteed Investments (CGIs).  These are only available via approved accountants to corporates who want their funds to work a little harder for them.


Are your clients looking to you for guidance and advice on all business matters, including how best to gain a return on funds held in low or no interest-bearing accounts?

If so Apater Capital works in partnership with forward thinking Accountants who have a desire to add value as part of their relationship with their clients.

3.5% 3 Year Fixed Rate CGI

The Apater Capital Guaranteed Investment offering the highest return is the 3.5% 3 Year Fixed Rate CGI. Returns are locked in at the end of year 3.

123 Account Investment

The Apater Capital Guaranteed Investment offering the greatest flexibility is the 1 2 3 Fixed Rate CGI. Returns of 1% are locked in after Year 1, 2% after Year 2 and 3% after Year 3.

The Apater Toolbox

Leveraging exceptional in house research and a much envied contact network, Apater Capital acquires stakes in promising and innovative British companies (all UK Tier One Investor compliant), before injecting considerable management expertise to customer acquisition, super charging growth and enhancing cash flows.

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The UK has seen an explosion of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) over the past 10 years, bringing with it a love for supporting brave entrepreneurs, innovative start-ups and high street boutiques.
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