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Capital Guaranteed Investments

Accountants capital guaranteed investments

Are your clients looking to you for guidance and advice on all business matters, including how best to gain a return on funds held in low or no interest-bearing accounts?

If so Apater Capital works in partnership with forward thinking Accountants who have a desire to add value as part of their relationship with their clients.

Your clients can select from a guaranteed bond with a 1 – 3 year period for ultimate flexibility coupled with interest returns between 1 – 3% p.a., or they can lock in their funds for 3 years and receive a return of 3.5% per annum.

Whilst many business bank accounts are currently paying 0% and no more than 0.1% interest, your clients could be receiving up to 35 times that much with Apater.

Up to 35 x more interest with Apater

Easy to access platform

Online access and immediate return of funds if needed

Add to investments at any time and gain even higher returns

Would your clients like the chance to earn up to 3.5% per annum?

Contact Apater Capital to discuss how you can become a trusted partner.​

After engaging with our clients, we found that almost all of them were unhappy with their business bank account returns. Apater Capital explained their two investment options, and with ease, a significant number of our clients have now moved funds and are happily making good returns on their hard earned income.

David Hughes

Managing Director, Rodliffe Accounting

3.5% 3 Year Fixed Rate CGI

The Apater Capital Guaranteed Investment offering the highest return is the 3.5% 3 Year Fixed Rate CGI. Returns are locked in at the end of year 3.

123 Account Investment

The Apater Capital Guaranteed Investment offering the greatest flexibility is the 1 2 3 Fixed Rate CGI. Returns of 1% are locked in after Year 1, 2% after Year 2 and 3% after Year 3.

Help your clients to achieve more

Naturally these investments are not suitable for working capital, your clients will need to retain funds for day to day operations. But for those sitting on balances above that who are suffering 0% return you can help them by partnering with Apater Capital.