Management considerations in the time of coronavirus

Original and useful leadership guidance is tough to produce at the best of times.
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Working from home

Unfortunately, we are clearly not in the best of times and there can be no playbook for being a Covid-19 leader.

It is impossible to speak with complete authority in this unprecedented environment about how best to run a business, department or team. To say otherwise is ‘for the birds’. That said, without meaning to sound like David Attenborough, it is to the birds that I have turned. Well ducks, swans and magpies to be exact. 

Get Ducks in a row. Keep Finance leads close.

It always makes sense for you to have as accurate an appreciation of your resources as you can. You need to know the state of your ducks before you can get them in a row. Keep your accountant or finance lead as close as ‘social distancing’ measures allow. All decisions, but especially the difficult ones, need to be informed. Cashflow is king but hopefully you have a range of regular metrics or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that allow you to draw conclusions based on facts.